Competence Center Trading

Energy is movable. It is subject to market rules of supply and demand, as well as currency fluctuations. Their value can change due to weather conditions or technological innovations. Our strength in trading relies on our ability to anticipate these changes and react quickly. Therefore we are able to keep the price risk down and score long-term favorable conditions for our customers and partners. In doing so, we take all the relevant commodity markets that could influence the trend of prices in to consideration.

We trade in natural gas, electricity, CO-environment certificates, transport- and storage capacities. Being an independent service provider, we are able to offer our customers made-to-measure product solutions around their energy portfolio. Our experts in both risk- and portfolio management work out high-quality solutions that fit perfectly and therefore maximize the profitability of our major customers’ energy obtaining. In doing so, we use the complete range of physical and financial products on the international market.

Your advantages:

  • Optimization of risk and benefit
  • Structured portfolio development
  • Personal consulting

As an asset-based trader we are interested in long lasting partnerships with our customers instead of short-term profit orientation. Our partnership is based on equality and mutual respect. Through the direct purchase of natural gas from corporation owned sources, as well as directly from wholesale trading markets, we act as a preferable service provider and reliable partner. Especially in periods of crisis which fluctuating prices in wholesaling we are able to secure a long-term supply with attractive conditions.

Benefit from our know-how and our experience.

A view of our services:


  • Cross Border Trading
  • Market Making on the energy exchange
  • Structured Trading
  • Long-term Contracts


  • Natural Gas
  • Power
  • CO2 emission permit


  • Asset Portfolio Optimization
  • Storage
  • Capacities
  • Indexed Products


  • Market Analyses
  • Fundamental Analyses
  • Market Intelligence