The PST Germany’s mission statement

We understand our role as a responsible partner for our customers, suppliers, counterparts and for our shareholder.

We treat others with respect. We behave professionally and are tolerant of all people regardless of their origin, gender, religion or race.

We are aware that we are representing our company at all times.

We say what we do and we do what we say.

We have confidence in our employees, regardless of their respective positions. We grant our employees the necessary space to perform their tasks and fulfil their responsibilities for the benefit of both the company and all of us.

We encourage open, professional and friendly communication within the company and with our partners. Issues can always be addressed openly.

By striving for high quality results in our work, mistakes may occur. We accept unintended mistakes and develop solutions together to avoid them in the future.

Everybody shall accept her/his responsibilities and stand by them.

We treat documents and information with due care and keep them confidential.