About us

PGNiG Supply & Trading GmbH (PST) is a young and strongly growing energy provider located in Munich and London. We develop fair and transparent products and services for the international energy markets. It is our strength to provide customer-friendly products in order to meet the requirements of current market events, as well as the needs of our customers and counterparties. We provide personal assistance and service-oriented support.

PST is part of the PGNiG group which has a long-standing history in the energy industry. With this experience, highly qualified and dedicated employees and up-to-date customer-oriented energy solutions we aim to expand our market shares in Europe and secure them for long-term partnerships with our customers.

From our offices in Munich and in London, we trade actively energy products (electricity, pipeline gas and LNG) on the global commodity markets and support our municipal partners and industrial customers with customized energy solutions including providing small scale LNG solutions.

Our subsidiary PST Europe Sales GmbH focuses completely on the supply of gas and electricity to commercial and private customers.

XOOL GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of PST Europe Sales GmbH and is specialized in selling gas products to household customers.

As an attractive business partner we want to secure the competitiveness of our business customers and to make life of our private customers easier.

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For more information about PST Europe Sales GmbH please go to  www.pst-energie.de

Integration into the PGNiG Group

The Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG SA) is the biggest polish gas supplier for business and private customers in Poland. This stock market listed company operates in the area of exploration and production of natural gas and oil, as well as import, storage, sales and distribution of gas and liquid fuels. PGNiG SA is one of the oldest and most profitable companies and one of the biggest employers in the country.

Customers of PST Europe Sales GmbH benefit from PGNiG SA by having such a strong partner on their side. More information under www.pgnig.pl